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Casual and Part Time Jobs
for International Students

Living in Australia as an international student is definitely not cheap. You have to save money for your rent, groceries, studies and travel experiences. But fortunately, Australia is one of those countries that let you work legally.

Depending on your visa, you can work up to 20 hours (Student Visa) or 40 hours (Post Graduate Visa) per week. Plus, if you are here with your partner and he/she is on a dependent visa, he/she is entitled to work 20 or 40 hours per week depending on your type of course.

Therefore, in order to help you get the most of your experience, we have put together the most comprehensive list of part-time and casual jobs for international students across Australia.

In addition to that, we have agreements with CRICOS registered institutions in case you are looking to significantly increase your chances to find a job with an international students RSA course, among other options.

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List of available jobs for International Students

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